Trees are felled in the plantation by harvesting contractors where tree lengths are cut approximately into pole lengths. Heavy transport vehicles then transport the felled poles to our plants where they are off loaded for drying.

Originally the poles were stacked outdoors and left to air dry for a period of 8-12 months. Kiln drying technology allows us to accelerate this process and poles can be ready for impregnation within 14 days.

This process creates a smooth finish by removing the bark and any unsightly protrusions. At the stage required drilling or marking is carried out and moisture content checked.


  • Creosote impregnation is carried out using what is called the Rueping (empty cell) process in pressure vessels. Complete penetration of the sapwood is always achieved. Creosote poles have the longest life which can be in excess of 40 years.

  • CCA impregnation is a waterborne chemical combining copper, chromium and arsenic put together as oxides or salts. This alternative preservative works in a similar way as above creosote stopping any fungi decay and weathering.

  • Tanalised E treatment treatment is a waterborne chemical that is based on copper triazole technology. Again this is impregnated using pressure treatment and has the same preservative advantages as CCA.

    All poles are inspected by SGS to ensure they meet customer requirements.

    EuroPole can deliver to all five continents either by truck, train or ship.