EuroPole Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of impregnated and raw telegraph poles and other wooden poles used for transmission and telecommunication systems. Today EuroPole delivers utility poles throughout the world and has a yearly production of 60,000m³ of which some 70% is exported. Europole’s client base ranges from large electrical authorities to smaller private customers.

EuroPole Ltd is a team of 20 strong employees which includes specialists in telegraph poles, timber specialists, electrical engineers and production / supply chain managers all of which have a vast experience and passion to succeed. With a head office based in London UK and technologically advanced production facilities, EuroPole can offer a quality commercial service whilst at the same time providing a superior product for telegraph poles.

utility poles
EuroPole Ltd has a total commitment to quality which is manifested in its ISO 9001:2000 certification and has a total quality management system which ensures the following core objectives are achieved:

  • Providing a potential customer with a high level of confidence that goods and services will measure up to an agreed specification.
  • Ensuring that a contract is completed within the predetermined time scales.
  • Striving to maintain a high standard of product and service throughout every division of the organisation.

  • Our Mission

    To provide a quality telegraph pole product and efficient service to all prospective customers ensuring all standards are met and adhered to throughout business negotiations.

    Our Vision
    Europole strives to be a profitable and financially successful company whilst maintaining its core objectives and ensuring high customer satisfaction.